This is the second volume of the Sankarea manga.

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 5: So if you're a zombie... then...
  • Chapter 6: Tough, aren't you...?
  • Chapter 7: A false... freedom...
  • Chapter 8: ...Creepy...
  • Chapter 9: Fi...ancée...

Synopsis Edit

My Decomposing Girlfriend

Now a zombie living with Chihiro, Rea's enjoying her freedom from her father, going out shopping by herself. And their relationship begins to blossom, with Chihiro fulfilling his dream of a zombie kiss! But there are bigger things to worry about… like how quickly Rea's undead body is going to start falling apart, and what insane lengths her father will go to in order to get her back!

Plot Edit

Chapter 5 Edit

Danichiro Sanka recalls the moment he found out Rea was alive after falling off a cliff. He grabs her hand and persuades her to come with him to go to a hospital to treat her wounds, but stops when he realized she has no pulse. Rea claims she has died, but was reborn thanks to Chihiro's elixir. She begins to leave with Chihiro in tow, but not before stating that she is no longer his daughter, as she is not human anymore. The scene cuts to the present time, with a sorrowful Danichiro naked in his bath tub, filled with photos (presumably of Rea or his first wife). Outside the bathroom, the maids gossip about Rea but stops when Aria Sanka appears. She questions the whereabouts of Rea, but is disappointed in Danichiro's illogical answer. The butler suggests that she may be with Chihiro, who Danichiro decided is the cause of all these incidents and promises to cleanse Rea in both body and soul.

Around the same time, Chihiro wakes up Mero and asks for a book about preserving corpses. She states that she just lent it to a classmate, and asks why Chihiro needs the book. Chihiro brushes off the question and tries to figure out other methods of preserving a corpse. To avoid being discovered, he hides Rea in a closet. Her stomach sudddenly grumbles, prompting Chihiro to feed her something after he finishes cleaning the temple building. While doing his chores, his father asks why he is adopting another cat, as Bub just died. Chihiro dismisses his question and claims that Bub came back to life, and recruits his grandfather to testify. He agrees Bub was resurrected, by his reanimation elixir. Shocked, Chihro asks him to repeat his last statement, but Jogoro has entered senile mode. Chihiro wonders of his grandfather actually invented the elixir.

Shortly afterwards, Ranko arrives to deliver food to the Furuya household. After handing the delivery to Mero, she shares news that Rea ran away from home. Ranko comes up with a theory that she eloped with a new boyfriend, and asks Chihiro if girls like that are his type. She also notes that he and Rea appear to be close, according to his friend. Chihiro denies everything and continues his chores, and Ranko sets off to leave, but decides to borrow a DVD and enters his room. While choosing which DVD to borrow, Ranko notices a long strand of hair on the floor. She hears a noise emanating from the closet and examines it; she finds nothing, while Rea is seen lying on top of a cupboard.

Meanwhile, Chihiro recalls that he needs to feed Rea, but is unsure what she will eat, as her stomach is destroyed. He then remembers that zombies eat human flesh, and begins to worry. Back in Chihiro's room, Rea pounces on Ranko and begins sniffing her. Ranko noticed she is the runaway daughter of the Sanka family, and she has a wound on her belly. Rea tears her shirt, causing Ranko to scream. Chihiro rushes to his room and tries to analyse the situation, but is stopped short when Rea kisses him, leaving Ranko in a confused state.

Chapter 6 Edit

Chihiro recollects that he wished to be kissed by a zombie girl six years ago. His is confused as Rea, a zombie, is kissing him, but is broken from his trance when she bit his lips. Ranko then asks why Rea Sanka is in his room, and why she is injured. She slowly realizes that Rea is now a zombie. Chihiro tries to explain but is interrupted by Ranko, who threw a zombie toy at him and accuses him of murder. While Chihiro attemtps to calm Ranko down, Rea notices Bub outside on the roof and begins following him. Chihiro notices Rea crawling out the window, and tries calling out to her to stop her, but to no avail. He asks Ranko to call for his grandfather.

Trivia Edit

  • The End-of-Volume Bonus Comic reveal that the author was given a warning by the head honcho of Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine (the editor-in-chief) because Rea's father overreacted too much in this volume. It is unknown whether this is true or not.

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