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I was gonna do these blogs every two weeks, but with the holidays approaching, I might as well do it now before I forget. 

We made more progress this week (and by we, I mean myself though there was one other user). An article/page was added for the Sanka maids, though the infobox needs some work. Otoki's information has been added. The OP , ED and soundtrack have been added as well. The main page of the wiki has been given an update, as well as some character pages. The poll archive was moved to the Sankarea Wiki namespace, decreasing our page count from 40 to 39. Still, this is almost double the pages from when I just started my first edit on this wiki (it was 20-21 pages, I believe). Overall, this was a productive week.

And now the to-do list/plans/projects that may require attention.

Sanka maids

The idea was to make the infobox show the image+details of each maid by clicking on their respective tabs on the infobox. We got the images working, but everything else didn't work. I could split the page into four separate pages for each maid, but I don't think there will be enough content. Another idea is to use four infoboxes, one for each maid. My only concern is the size of the infoboxes may be too big. Alternatively, ditch the infoboxes and just use images. It's a simple idea and will probably work, though it lacks visual appeal.

If we do get the page up and running, the format of the page should be fairly similar to other character pages. Divide the page into sections, one maid=one section, with a gallery/trivia at the end of the page.

Mogi , Yasutaka and other side characters

Similar to the previous plan, I'm not sure if there is enough content to fill for each character. My plan is to make a single page for all side characters, including Mogi, Yasutaka, Ranko's underclassman and parents, and Mero's friends. Heck, I might move Don and Rea's real mother in there as well. Again, infoboxes or no infoboxes, that is the question. Page format should be similar to the above as well.

Manga volumes and chapters

All 11 pages of the manga volumes have been made a while back, with Volume 1 already complete. After finishing volume 1, I realized that the page might be too long, and needs to be split up. "Oh, that's easy. Just make pages for each chapter, like 'Chapter 1', 'Chapter 2', etc." is what you're probably thinking. But I don't think 3 paragraphs+images is enough for one page unless we try-hard to explain each chapter.

If we do end up splitting the volumes into chapters, I have two ideas:

  • Each chapter will have its own page, eg. "Chapter 01" OR
  • Each chapter will be a sub-page of its volume, eg. "Volume 1/Chapter 3"

While I'm at it, I also plan to simplify the existing List of volumes page. Currently, it's just a table with words and images. It looks good on desktop, but not on mobile. The plan is to reduce the whole table to just basic information, ie. a link to the volume page and infos like ISBN in a table. No description, no images, just data. Alternatively, I could get rid of the page entirely and put the table in the Sankarea page. Either way should be OK.


Anime episodes

We already have a list of episodes page, but not individual episode pages. We could probably use some. I still haven't watched the anime yet, so I couldn't add the info even if I wanted to.

Update: Episode 1 page is up! Newer pages should follow this format.

Drama CDs

I know they exist, but I can't find any information about them. They're either not popular or all related pages are in moon runes. If anyone reading this has any information about them, feel free contact me or add them into a new page.


All info on the OP and ED have been added. I'm wondering if we should make pages for the other songs in their album (My Girl, Answer song, etc).


Similar to the above. We just need to add a synopsis and some plot details are we're good. We could also split it into multiple pages if there's a lot of content, eg. chapter 1 (Novel), chapter 2 (novel), etc.


I haven't finished marking every spoilers/stubs in the wiki yet. 

Rules/Guidelines/Manual of Style

I'll have to update this and/or move it to the Sankarea Wiki namespace.

Closing words

Well, this turned out longer than I thought. Hopefully, some people actually read this. I'll edit this blog if any other plans pop up. My next blog will be posted either on the 31st or after the new year (local time, GMT+8), and will resume its fortnightly schedule afterwards. As usual, you can drop any questions/opinions in the comments or my wall.

~Your local admin, BrainDeadZero. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!