Sankarea Wiki

Hello everyone. I'm BrainDeadZero, your new overlord administrator. The founder and former admin of this wiki has been inactive since 2012, and the wiki has been pretty quiet the past few years. After some thought, I decided to adopt the wiki to help moderate and expand it. And so, I ended up here.

So, what can you expect with me as the new admin? What will happen now?

At the moment, I'm currently doing some housekeeping. Deleting unused pages, fixing formatting, etc. Since the community is rather small, I won't be adding new rules or guidelines (yet). For now, we'll stick with FANDOM community guidelines. I'm also planning to give an overhaul to the design, so expect some new things to pop up. If you don't agree with my decisions, I'll ban you lol jk you can leave a message at my wall and voice your opinions. I won't be giving admin or bureaucrat rights to anyone unless they have a good background (lots of contribution, experienced editor, etc). This also applies to content, discussion and chat moderators.

With all that being said, this is my first time moderating a wiki so I might break something. This is also my first wikia blog post. I don't know if this is how blogs are used, but whatever. Let's work together and Make America Sankarea Wiki Great Again!