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This is a list of terms used in the series.


Reanimation elixir: aka resurrection potion, it is a concoction that can bring the dead back to life. Its effectiveness differ depending on the time of consumption after death.

With the elixir and ingestion of hydrangea poison, the activity of microbes can be controlled and slows down the speed of decomposition of a zombie to less than 1/3 of the normal rate, as well as stopping blood clot.

ZoMA: short for Zombie Medical Anthropology. It is the research facility where Jogoro, Salva and Darin used to work.

Zombie Stages[]

Fresh period: This is the stage that newly resurrected zombies enter. The fresh period typically lasts 2-3 weeks after resurrection. After approximately two weeks, zombies enter the turbid period.

Turbid period: aka confused eater stage, it is a period where zombies begin to lose their humanity and reasoning. Occurs about two weeks after the fresh period. Some variables may advance or delay this stage. During this stage, the line between emotion and instinct become blurred, and zombies fall for temptation and impulses.

Terminal eater: aka predatory stage, it is the final stage of a zombie. After one month in the turbid period, the zombie's brain will have rotten away, leaving them in a state where they try to attack anything that may indulge their appetite. This is similar to most stereotypical depictions of zombies in other media.

In the case of Rea, she did not ingest a proper amount of Hydrangea poison, and showed symptoms of the turbid period on the eighth day after her death. She entered a full-blown turbid period on the eleventh day, but manages to recover.