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From the community

Welcome to the Sankarea Wiki Community to-do list! This where this wiki community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki.

Sanka Family Maids page.

After many attempts, we ended up using tab view to display the four maids. All we need now is more details on each maid, which should be placed on their respective pages (Satsuki, Natsukawa, Akino & Himuro).

Side Characters

Decide whether to keep individual pages for side characters (such as Mogi & Yasutaka), or put them all in a single page containing all side/minor characters. As it is, there is little to no content if we stick to individual pages. However, much like the above, putting multiple characters in a single page might be difficult to format.

With tab view, it is possible to create a page that is similar to the Sanka Family Maids page. However, the individual pages must remain in order for this idea to work. In addition, we need to decide which characters should end up in this page, and which characters should have their individual page.

Plot details

We need to finish up writing plots for manga volume pages (See Volume 1 for reference). Same goes for anime episodes (See Episode 1, Episode 2, etc).

Drama CD(s)

If anyone has any information regarding these, please create a page for it. Don't worry about the page format, we'll fix it up.


Find and fill in information for the novel.


  • Mark any stubs/spoilers/etc.
  • Add images to pages without one.
  • Gather more contributors.
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