Sankarea Wiki

This is a set of rules and guidelines for the Sankarea Wiki.


  • No specific rules are set in place at the moment. Just use common sense and follow FANDOM's Community Guideline.
  • Once the wiki has more content and is more active, proper rules can be made.


These guidelines serve as a guide (duh) and while you can ignore them, it is highly recommended to follow these guidelines to keep consistency in our pages.

The manga should take precedence over other forms of media.

  • Manga > Anime > Novel > Other

Character pages

  • The main character image should be from official material, such as the manga or anime.
    • It is recommended to use high quality/high resolution images (eg. 500x500 is good, 300x300 is OK, 50x50 is tiny).
    • Fan arts should not be used as the main image.
  • Any related images should be placed in the gallery section.
  • Any sections not covered in the anime should be marked as spoilers.

Volume/Chapter pages

  • All pages should use their respective infoboxes.
  • Do not use images from sites such as Manga Fox.

Official naming

  1. The official series name is Sankarea. Kodansha Comics USA released the series in North America under the title Sankarea: Undying Love. Both can be used interchangeably.
  2. Official names are in bold. These should be used over other alternatives (eg. Furuya, not Fooruya).
  3. Unofficial names are italicized. These may include alternative spellings (eg. Saoji, Saōji, Bub, Babu, etc.) and can be swapped with each other until an official name is given through sources such as the author's social media, or officially translated materials.
    • If no official spelling is given, the most popular spelling form should be used to keep our contents consistent.
  4. All characters should follow the Given name - Family name format (eg. It should be Chihiro Furuya, not Furuya Chihiro).
    • The exceptions are characters whose full name is not revealed (eg. Mogi and Yasutaka), or unnamed characters (eg. Danichiro's first wife).
    • This should also apply to their voice actors.
  5. If you believe some of the naming conventions listed below are incorrect, you may correct the mistake yourself or contact an admin.
Name Kanji Romaji Notes/Alternatives
Chihiro Furuya 降谷 千紘 Furuya Chihiro
Rea Sanka 散華 礼弥 Sanka Rea
Ranko Saōji 左王子 蘭子 Saōji Ranko Wanko, Ranko Saoji, Ranko Saohji
Darin Arciento Kurumiya 来宮・ダリン・アーシェント Kurumiya Darin Āshento Darin Arnschent Kurumiya, Darin Āshento Kurumiya
Mero Furuya 降谷 萌路 Furuya Mero
Danichiro Sanka 散華 団一郎 Sanka Dan'ichirō Dan'ichirō Sanka, Danichiroh Sanka
Aria Sanka 散華 亜里亜 Sanka Aria
Danichiro's first wife Rea's biological mother
Jogoro Furuya 降谷 茹五郎 Furuya Jogorō Jogorō Furuya, Jogoroh Furuya, Prof. Boyle, Prof. Boil
Don Furuya 降谷 呶恩 Furuya Doōn Doōn Furuya, Dohn Furuya
Yuzuna Furuya 降谷 柚菜 Furuya Yuzuna
Sada Sada-san, Jogoro's first wife
Otoki The frozen zombie, Jogoro's second wife
Kiyo Jogoro's third wife, Chihiro and Mero's grandmother
Yasutaka Yasuda
Salva Arciento Kurumiya Kurumiya Salva Āshento Salva Arnschent Kurumiya, Salva Āshento Kurumiya
Rosalie The child zombie in ZoMA, Rosarie
Yasuki Saōji Ranko's father
Kaoru Saōji Ranko's mother
Bub Furuya family cat, Babu, Bābu
18 The zombie owl, Towa