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Otoki is Jogoro's second wife. After her death, she was resurrected as a zombie and was eventually frozen in an ice cave.


When she was still human, she had short hair with a single pigtail on her top right side, and is rather busty. As the years pass, her hair grew past shoulder length.

When frozen, Chihiro mistook her for her mother, Yuzuna Furuya, though noted that 'her chest wasn't this big'. She wears a paper fold on her head, similar to Mero.


She appears to be a carefree person, as seen when she asked for the currently trending catchphrase after being frozen for over a century. She is also quite brazen, admitting that she sneaked into Jogoro's room to sleep with him. Otoki is also simple-minded, initially joining Jojoro's research in hopes she will make a fortune. In addition, she is also careless, eating poisonous mushrooms that which led her death; and revealing her presence long after she died, causing rumors to spread about Jogoro and his research.

Despite all this, she is seen as a caring wife, running their clinic together with Jogoro for years. She even encourages Jogoro to marry another person if he was feeling lonely, before being frozen.


Otoki was the only daughter of a former provincial doctor during the Meiji Period (1868-1912). She has recently entered adolescence and began taking interest in the opposite sex. She and Jogoro eventually married a few years later and lived a happy life working in their clinic. After a while, Otoki noticed that Jogoro would often go to 'study sessions with his colleagues'. Suspicious, she secretly followed him until they reached the Shiryohji Temple, where she discovered Jogoro's attempts to bring back the dead.

After Jogoro revealed his experiments, Otoki volunteered to join his research, thinking that she may gain potential riches if their research is successful. Years later, she dies after eating poisonous mushrooms. Falling victim to temptation, Jogoro resurrects her as a zombie. Otoki continued living, hiding from society as she observed herself for some time. She realized that the reanimated wants more than just Hydrangeas and resigns before something abnormal happens. She volunteered to freeze herself as a final experiment but reassures Jogoro that he can wake her up if anything happens, and suggests that he marries another girl and start a family.

After a century, she is woken up by a noticeably shorter and devastated Jogoro. He explains that he is remarried and has a daughter, who was involved in an accident. Yuzuna requested to be turned into a zombie before losing consciousness, and is currently on the border between life and death. Otoki gave no answers, as she knew Jogoro has already found one. Though hesitant, he decides to turn his daughter into a zombie.

Before he freezes Otoki again, she made two promises. If Chihiro unfreezes her, he is searching for the truth about zombies and the reanimation potion. The other promise is if the above happens, the end has drawn near and he wishes to depart with Otoki together. Years later, she is once again thawed out, this time by Chihiro and Darin. Shortly after revealing the truth, she crumbles in the water, fulfilling her promise and passes away with Jogoro.


  • According to Volume 10's End-of-Volume Comic, she has the third largest chest size of the whole cast, tied with Ranko.
    • The largest goes to Aria Sanka, while second goes to Satsuki, one of the Sanka maids.