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"It's... Nothing... Special..." (特別…なんかじゃ…ない… lit. "Tokubetsu... Nanka ja... nai..." ) is the eleventh episode of the Sankarea anime.


Dan'ichirō and Chihiro engage on a duel of fencing, and Rea arrives at her home looking for Chihiro. Dan'ichirō's maids capture her and started cosplaying her by maids. Using her zombie strength, Rea manages to escape and continues searching for Chihiro. At the fencing venue, Chihiro trash talks Dan'ichirō about being a nonsense father. Dan'ichirō, furious yet keeping his cool, pierces Chihiro and Rea suddenly arrives. Dan`ichirō was surprised of Chihiro's survival on the attack and Chihiro delivers a headbutt on Dan'ichirō. Dan'ichirō now intensely angry and attempts to slash Chihiro but Rea quickly parries Dan'ichirō's attack and reiterates her freedom. Chihiro lectures Dan'ichirō and reasons Rea's freedom. Impressed on Chihiro's words and promise, Dan'ichirō decides to let Rea stay on Chihiro and warns not to deflower her. After their conversation, Dan'ichirō left Japan and heads to America in search for the cure of Rea's ailment. Meanwhile at the Furuya residence, Chihiro wakes up and sees Rea wearing a nurse costume. Ranko arrives and introduces herself to Rea, posing as Chihiro's fiancee. Rea realizes based on the actions of Ranko towards Chihiro that she loves him.


Major Events[]

  • The fencing battle between Dan'ichiro and Chihiro begins, ending with Chihiro impaled but receives no pain, then later passes out and Rea ending the battle as she protects Chihiro.
  • Chihiro convinces Rea's father about her freedom, which makes him decided to leave Rea into Chihiro's hands.
  • Dan'ichiro leaves Japan to America to search the cure for Rea's zombified disease, making this episode as the last appearance of him in the animated series.
  • Ranko introduces herself to Rea at the Furuya Residence.



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