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"If I... Became... a Zombie" (私が…ゾンビに…なったら lit. "Watashi ga...Zonbi ni...Nattara" ) is the first episode of the Sankarea anime. It aired on April 5, 2012 on TBS.


Chihiro Furuya is a zombie-loving weirdo who becomes depressed when his pet cat, Bub, dies after being hit by a car. Wanting to see him alive again, Chihiro looks into an old manuscript describing resurrection and starts doing experiments at an abandoned building. Whilst there, he encounters a girl named Rea Sanka, who is depressed about how controlled her life is. When Rea learns that Chihiro had been eavesdropping on her secret rants, she decides to help him in his experiments, warming up to the idea that, if she were to become a zombie, Chihiro would take responsibility and look after her.


Major Events[]

  • Bub dies.
  • Chihiro begins reanimation attempts on Bub.
  • Rea discovers Chihiro and his experiments.


•Chihiro Furuya : The main male protagonist, *Zombie fanatic.

Mero Furuya: Chihiro’s younger sister. Age 12 *household Helper to Mr. Furuya.

Jogoro Furuya: aka “Gramps” Grandfather to Mero and Chihiro. Father of Chihiro’s deceased mother. Long white hair, extremely senile

Don Furuya: Father of Chihiro and Mero, Head priest of their local temple. Widow.

Yasutaka: A fellow classmate of Chihiro, Overly dramatic when expressing his desire/ feelings.

Rea Sanka: Main female character of the anime series. Long Black hair. same age group as Chihiro.



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