• BrainDeadZero

    Happy New Year!

    January 1, 2018 by BrainDeadZero

    2017 was one hell of a year. We saw a lot of development, scandal, tragedy, and controversy, but let's just keep this related to the wiki.

    Following my previous blog post, I tried to ditch infoboxes on the Sanka Family Maids article. As you can see, it's a mess. We might have to go back to the drawing board on this one. Meanwhile, there was slow progress on the volume pages due to a 'burnout'. I'll talk about this soon. On the other hand, we made more episode pages! I also updated the infobox to include more staff members. And yet, I still haven't watched the anime. A manual of style page has been made, though it's incomplete. I also made some CSS changes, but I'm not exactly satisfied with the results. This led to multiple revisions of CSS …

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  • BrainDeadZero

    Plans for the wiki

    December 23, 2017 by BrainDeadZero

    I was gonna do these blogs every two weeks, but with the holidays approaching, I might as well do it now before I forget. 

    We made more progress this week (and by we, I mean myself though there was one other user). An article/page was added for the Sanka maids, though the infobox needs some work. Otoki's information has been added. The OP , ED and soundtrack have been added as well. The main page of the wiki has been given an update, as well as some character pages. The poll archive was moved to the Sankarea Wiki namespace, decreasing our page count from 40 to 39. Still, this is almost double the pages from when I just started my first edit on this wiki (it was 20-21 pages, I believe). Overall, this was a productive week.

    And now the to-do li…

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  • BrainDeadZero

    Hello there! It's me again, here to bring you some news/updates on the wiki.

    Newer users and mobile users may not have noticed, but the wiki now has a new color scheme! This was actually unintentional. I wanted to create a wordmark for the wiki and began cropping out one of the english manga's cover. After meticulous editing and hours searching for a matching font, the wordmark was complete. The image was uploaded and I realized the colors didn't match. I was planning to use a green logo to match the wiki's theme, but I used a purple one instead. Whoops.

    Not wanting to redo everything, I decided to change the entire theme of the wiki to purple. So there you have it.

    I also updated the stub and spoiler templates to include an image, because it…

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  • BrainDeadZero

    New Management

    November 29, 2017 by BrainDeadZero

    Hello everyone. I'm BrainDeadZero, your new overlord administrator. The founder and former admin of this wiki has been inactive since 2012, and the wiki has been pretty quiet the past few years. After some thought, I decided to adopt the wiki to help moderate and expand it. And so, I ended up here.

    So, what can you expect with me as the new admin? What will happen now?

    At the moment, I'm currently doing some housekeeping. Deleting unused pages, fixing formatting, etc. Since the community is rather small, I won't be adding new rules or guidelines (yet). For now, we'll stick with FANDOM community guidelines. I'm also planning to give an overhaul to the design, so expect some new things to pop up. If you don't agree with my decisions, I'll ban you…

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