Above your hand is the ending theme song of the Sankarea anime. It is sung Annabel and was released on May 23, 2012.

The song was written by Annabel, arranged and composed by myu.

Track Listing Edit

Regular Edition (LACM-4934) Edit

  1. Above your hand
  2. blind hunger
  3. Above your hand (Instrumental)
  4. blind hunger (Instrumental)

Lyrics Edit

Hitotsu dake kanau no nara
Kimi no te no naka
Yureru chiisa na hana de itai

Hajimete miru mabushii kono sekai de
Kimi to moshi hagureta toshite mo kitto
Mitsuke dashite

Mezame tara
Soba ni iru yo

Hitotsu dake shimatta mama
Kimi ni tsutae rare nai omoi kakaete iru

Hate shi no nai ooki na jikan ga
Itsu no hi ka futari wakatsu toshite mo

Mitsuke dashite

Nando datte kimi wo yobu kara
Sono te ni dakarete iru
Chiisa na hana janaku natte
Kimi ni mie nai kaze ni natte mo
Kie nai afure dasu omoi

Owari naku koko ni aru

Mezame tara
Soba ni ite ne
Ashita mo

ひとつだけ 叶うのなら

君ともしはぐれたとしても きっと



ひとつだけ 仕舞ったまま

いつの日か二人 別つとしても


消えない 溢れだす想い

おわりなく ここにある


If I could have just one wish
I’d want to be a small, swaying flower
On your hand

I’m seeing this dazzling world for the first time
If I get separated from you, promise me you will

Come and find me

When I wake up
You’re by my side

There is only one feeling that I have been keeping
Inside my heart all this time, a feeling that I can’t tell you about

Even if the endlessly vast time
Separates the two of us one day

Come and find me

No matter how many times it takes, I’ll keep calling your name
Even if, instead of a small flower
That is embraced by your hand
I turn into a gust of wind that you can’t see
These overwhelming emotions will not disappear

They will stay here eternally

When I wake up
Be by my side
Tomorrow, too

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